How to Muscular and Bigger Arms in the Gym

bigger armsMuscular and bigger arms are something that most guys in the gym want. Not only does it look good it also give a guy a certain status that he can benefit from in his social life or if he is looking for a woman.

The only problem is that building muscular and bigger arms are one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to muscle building. In this article, we are going to give you a couple of tips on how you can get more muscular and bigger arms.

Working Out Getting Bigger Arms

If your biceps and triceps are your weak spot, it can be beneficial for you to prioritize them higher than for example your chest or back workouts. It can be like training your arms first thing during the week instead of at the end of the week after your bicep and back workouts.

This way you will have more energy and nutritious available to train them harder and make them grow faster.

How You Should Train Your Biceps and Triceps

If you want to have bigger arms, you should train them every five days and do around four different exercises for your biceps and four for your triceps so you will reach eight different exercises.

Each exercise should contain 3 to 4 sets where you will be working from 12 and down to 6 reps.

These exercises will be very hard to do but very useful.

Exercises You Should Be Doing

You should always seek to vary your selection of activities as much as possible each time. But a workout day to get bigger arms could look like this.

Your Biceps Workout

  • Dumbbell curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Preacher Bench Curls
  • Hammer Curls

Your Triceps Workout

  • Rope pulldowns
  • Dips
  • French press behind neck
  • Close grip bench press

Both the dumbbell curls and rope pulldowns are great to start out with because they will pump some blood into your muscles. They are also great starters because you will not risk any injuries because of cold muscles.

If you started out with dips or French press, there is a higher danger of hurting yourself because you are not warmed up yet. Pulling your neck muscles because of the French press is something you want to avoid.

Your Diet for Bigger Arms

As always make sure to get a high amount of proteins during the day. But do not leave out your carbohydrates or healthy fat.

You should also aim to eat not more than an hour after your workout because you will need to feed your muscles as fast as possible. It is because you want to give proteins so they can grow as quickly as possible.

You should also think about getting started with a supplement like Black Label No. It is a No2 supplement that will increase your blood levels out to your muscles. It is especially beneficial when it comes to triceps and biceps. Also, when they are your weak spots.

Improving your blood flow with the Black Label No supplement will also make it easier to get bigger arms because more nutrients will be carried out to your muscles.

Check out to learn a lot more.

You also need to find out more about the importance of high nitric oxide levels because it is a vital factor in your muscle building. Click here to learn more.

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Muscle Building Not Only About Going to the Gym

One thing is for sure muscle building takes time, especially if you want to get to a level where only the pros are. This will take you a lot of dedication and hard work.

If you are dreaming of getting to the muscle building pro level and that is your goal, then you need to know that is it not impossible to get there. But you need to be serious about your workout and be dedicated. Else you will not get there, that is the basic fact.

Not Only About Going to the Gym

You also need to remember that it is not only about your muscle building and going to the gym. You also need to pay some attention on your diet and make sure you are getting all the right nutrients, and that they are as clean as possible.

Way to many guys are to focused on getting enough proteins. They kind of forget about all the other nutrients like carbohydrates and fat. If you are not getting those, you will not be able to build as much muscle mass.

It is really a good idea that you eat as clean as possible, which means you or one in your family should prepare all your food. When you buy it you need to make sure that what you are buying is as clean as possible and perhaps even organic.

Forget about processed meat, products like sausages, ham or bacon. These contains way to chemicals that can slow down your muscle building, something you really do not want, when you finally got started to build some lean muscles.

Check Your Weaknesses

You also need to take a closer look at yourself to determine if you have any weaknesses. Some guys are for example lacking energy in their muscles. This limit their lifting and endurance.

If you feel you have the same problem it is time to get started with a supplement like Ultimate Muscle Black Edition. Here you will get some powerful ingredients like D Ribose and Creatine. This will pump up your muscles with energy so you will be able to lift more weight for a longer period of time.

Not Growing?

Another problem guys often experience is that despite working out hard, they are not growing. This can be because of your metabolism or other issues that prevents an adequate amount of nutrients reaching the muscles.

Here you should take a closer look at a supplement like No2 Maximus. This is a nitric oxide supplement that will improve your blood vessels ability to get nutrients out to your muscles.

The thing we have discussed in this article is a great way for you to get started. Using them and you will get some good gains. Also remember to keep doing your own studies and research, the more you learn the easier it will be to build lean muscles.

Creatine is one of the supplemens that comes with most scientific proof behind the claims. Check out this Wikipedia to learn more

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How to Break Your Workout Muscle Building Plateau

how to break a workout muscle building plateauHitting a muscle building workout plateau is something that happens for almost every experienced muscle building guy out there, and it is perfectly normal. At some point your muscles will stop to adapt to the training your put them thru. They will stop growing and become stronger.

If you hit the dreaded plateau the first thing you need to do is just to take it easy. Don’t over-rush things and do something foolish. Instead lets take a closer look at what you can do it to move on and keep building muscles.

Take a Break

Sometimes it can be a good idea to take a week off from the gym. This is if you have been working out for at least 12 weeks in a row. Below and you are determined, you should keep working out.

Taking break can give your body the proper rest it may need and reset your muscles. For many guys this is just what they need in order to break their muscle building workout plateau.

Change Your Workout

Another way to overcome these dreaded plateaus is by changing your workout routine. I am not talking about adding a couple of extra sets here and there, but completely turn it up side down. For example if you have been lifting heavy for while with a classic pyramid structure, then try to do some weight lifting circuit training instead and get your heart rate up and running faster than before.

This will put your body in shock, at may just be right what it needs in order to move on with your muscle building.

Load Some Extra Carbs Into Your Meals

Your protein intake should always be constant and not be changed a lot during bulking and cutting periods. However you can play around with your carbohydrate intake, especially if you want to break a plateau. Getting some extra carbohydrates will load your muscles with extra energy and glycogen, this may be just what you need in order to break your muscle building  workout plateau.

Use Some Supplements

Finally you can get started to use a muscle building supplement besides your protein supplement. Here I am talking about testosterone boosters that can give your body a little extra testosterone to work with.

Take a closer look at T90 Xplode in order to learn more about the benefits a testosterone booster will give you when you have reached a plateau. Also read 10 ways to boost your testosterone levels. Here are some good tips what you can do with your diet and workout in order to increase your testosterone levels which is a great way to break your muscle building workout plateau.

Learn a lot more at

Get another 7 ways to break your workout plateau so you can move on with your muscle building.


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