10 Powerful Ways to Lose up to 10 lbs In One Month

10 ways to lose up to 10 lbs in one monthPerhaps you have a big event ahead of you, like a birthday, wedding or something bigger. But what important is that you need to drop 10 pounds to fit your clothes, and you only got one month to do it.

So is it really possible to lose that much weight in just one month? Yes, it is. In the following we are going to give you ten powerful ways to lose up to 10 lbs in just one month, so hang tight with us for a little while.

Eliminate Carbohydrates After 6 Am

When you plan your diet a good way to lose a couple of pounds is to eliminate eating carbohydrates after 6 am. Basically, you do not need any sources of energy at that time because you are going to bed. It is much that you get all your carbohydrates breakfast and lunch.

Workout Up To 6 Times During The Week

A hard workout combined with muscle training and cardio is going to do you excellent when you want to lose up to 10 lbs in a month. Hitting the gym for like an hour can give you an efficient calorie burn of up to between 800 and 1000 calories.

Doing that up to 6 times a week can really get you far.

Increase Your Protein Intake in All Meals

Proteins are such a wonderful ingredient when we want to lose weight. It makes us feel full and satisfied and at the same time, it is much easier for your body to use proteins as caloric fuel than carbohydrates and fat.

Proteins will also help you to optimize your results from the hard work you are putting in the gym. Because you build more muscles, your metabolism will also go up.

Eat 5 to 6 Smaller Meals Per Day

Each meal should not be more than 400 calories each. When you eat frequently, you will have healthy blood sugar levels, and you will not get those dreaded food cravings you would normally get. Also, when you eat that frequently, it will make your body work more by digesting the food you are eating. It will make you burn more calories overall.

Aim 60 Get at Least 600 Grams of Vegetables Per Day

Vegetables contain a lot of fibers, minerals and vitamins. They will all benefit your health. The fibers will also help you to feel full and satisfied much faster, so you will be eating less of the foods that contain more calories. Vegetables are very low in calories; you can eat a whole plate of them and get max 100 calories, that are easy for your body to burn off.

Avoid Processed Food

The food that comes with a lot of different chemicals, sugars, and fat that you really do not know a lot about. What you do need to know is that a lot of these ingredients will act as toxins in your body. They will make you gain weight and be tough to digest.

The best you can do is to avoid them totally.

Limit Your Fruit Intake

It may come as a surprise for you, but you should not eat more than two pieces of fruit per day. Fruit contain fructose that is very similar to glucose, pure sugar, in its build up.

So a high amount of fruit will act the same as if you ate sugar.

However, fruit comes with a lot of good vitamins and minerals that will do you good.

Stop Eating Sugar

You should also stop eating sugar altogether. Including the sugar, you add to your meals and the sugar that is added to your meals. When you do your shopping, it is a good idea to check the ingredient list on the food to see how much sugar it contain. Choose foods with less sugar.

Artificial sweeteners can be an option if you look away from all the debating regarding whether they are toxic or not. But it is a fact that sweeteners make you crave sugar more.

Get Plenty of Water

Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated is really a good way to lose weight. Also, remember to get lots of water during your workout and you should always avoid the energy drinks they are trying to sell you in the gym.

Work With Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the best tool you have in your hands to lose weight. Improving your metabolism will work wonders for your weight loss diet.

There are two ways you can improve your metabolism. Either by building more lean muscles or by improving your bodily functions. We have already discussed going to the gym.

You can improve your bodily functions to burn more fat and calories by using a supplement like PhenQ. It is an all in one fat burner that comes with the new A-Lacy Reset system that is an enhanced weight loss formula that have shown really to move mountains when we speak of weight loss.

You can learn more about the ingredients in PhenQ here and find all the information you need at http://phenqreviews.net/

Remember earlier we mentioned that you should limit your intake of fruit because of the levels of fructose. You can learn a lot more about fructose here. Also, check the video below to learn the bitter truth about fructose.

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